We're Doomed

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Beginning June 2, 2009

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The world is filled with mysteries that are only beginning to be completely understood. From the creation of the universe to how life on earth has evolved, all this still has not been completely solved.

From the Big Bang theory which is how supposedly the universe was created by an explosion of enormous size sending gases in all directions. As these gases started to compress in small masses, one of the masses became our earth. From that moment on our earth has changed from a fireball to a solid rock forming layers as we know it.

But there are questions arousing from the scientists about how the energy of the sun will last. If the sun dies like all stars do eventually, life on earth is over. There is also another question that can be asked, can earth end itself due to changes within our earth.

So, what I now want to know is how the life on earth can cease to exist with forces that exist inside our world and from space.