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Seed Hunters July 13, 2009

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Hi again and I hope you have watched the videos that I have posted last time and sorry for not being able to post it directly on the blog. This time I would like to talk about what measures we have taken to not prevent but to proceed on with life after cataclysmic events.

I would like to talk about the seed hunters in particular. Seed hunters is a documentary shown in National Geographic, about finding seeds to regain agricultural activities after disastrous events and mainly due to the global food shortage due to the global climatic changes. As explained in the article before, global warming is causing tremendous stress on earth, so due to the increased temperature many crops may stop producing fruits and seeds. These groups of scientists are not only on a quest to find any seed  types but to collect traditional farm varieties and the mother plant, the wild species that has lead to modern farm plant. They want those seeds toughness, its potential resilience to diseases, pests and climate. Its DNA could be used to breed new, hardy hybrids that will grow in other places where climatic change and poor soils is putting pressure in agriculture.

They have been interested in particular wild chick peas which are said to be the ‘green gold’. Chick peas are the ultimate food for dry zones, rich in protein and nutrients; the meat you can grow when you can’t afford meat. But after collecting all these seeds where do you store them? You can’t just store them in any warehouse but in a specially constructed vault that can withstand almost any disaster. So they store their seeds in the icy cliffs of Svalbard in the Arctic Circle known as the ‘Doomsday Vault’.

It is a vast concrete locker that could be the key to human to the survival of humanity.  



Watch This !! June 29, 2009

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Watch these exciting videos….

Ten Ways: Robots Inherit the Earth


Super Volcanoes


Doomsday Asteroid


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The Big freeze


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Killer Mutants




Glowing Out June 24, 2009

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Hey there, here I am again……

Hope you liked the last articles; now hear is another scenario which is definitely possible….

The sun, a glowing star in the middle of our solar system, providing the earth with the energy it needs to survive. Even though our sun is not the biggest out of the billions of stars around the galaxy, but it is just the right size for providing life on our earth with the light energy it needs to survive. The sun seems like a permanent object in the sky but technology has enabled us to see that stars also are born, live and grow, and die.

So, let’s first see the life cycle of a star. Our space may seem empty but it is actually filled with thinly spread gas and dust particle. In some places these gases and dust particles are close together in  big cloud. This is the birthplace of the star called the nebula. Our sun probably also started as a nebula about 5 billion years ago. Then the cloud of gas turns to a luminous globe of gas producing its own heat and light by nuclear reactions, this is called a star. This is known as the main sequence where the star spends most of its life. The third stage occurs when the outer layers called the planetary nebulae are lost and a large bright star with a cool surface is formed. This star is called the red giant; in its centre hydrogen and helium is running out but the star is brighter than the latter stage as it is large but the surface temperature is about 2000 – 3000 degrees Celsius when the star has a surface temperature from 2000 to above 3000 degrees Celsius. In this stage the star he core will collapse under its own weight and the outer layer will become unstable hence, expanding. This will probably happen to the sun in 4 billion years. The dying core eventually forms a white dwarf – a spherical diamond the size of the Earth, made of carbon and oxygen. From this point on the Sun will gradually fade away, becoming dimmer and dimmer until its light is finally snuffed out. If the star was slightly bigger than the sun it would die out with an explosion known as a supernova.

Well, other than the fact that the sun will die, which is billions of years ahead of us, there is no other near danger ahead. But there is another danger other than the sun vanishing that would end life. This will happen earlier, even though this won’t happen in the near future, the consequences are disastrous. When the sun enters its third stage which is the red giant, the sun begins to expand and it may engulf the inner solar system. So, our earth may one day be engulfed by a fireball. Life on earth may end well before it gets engulfed as the growing heat causes temperatures to rise and the temperature could become too hot to bear and thus, we’re extinct.

So, how would it feel to live on earth seeing day by day as the sun appears to come closer and getting larger? The temperature slowly rising, causing forests to catch fire and melting the polar caps; these changes would feel like extensive global warming. The rising sea levels due to the polar caps melting will engulf coastal regions.  The rising temperatures will cause more hurricanes and tornadoes to occur devastating urban regions. At the end any species that can’t survive the heat will die and eventually the earth will become molten again and engulf all remaining living things.

So, this is another cause that is possible to occur; but there is something that does comfort us for now, the fact that this will take billions of years to occur.

Yet again is seems scary to think about but there are lot more scenarios that are as likely to happen as this one but might occur more quickly.

So, keep coming back and see what else danger is up ahead.



In what ways June 2, 2009

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Now I want to list down the ways in which our earth could end. There are a lot of possibilities out there, so I want to list down as most as possible even the ones that may seem crazy.

–          A huge meteorite strikes the earth

–          A pandemic kills all life

–          An ice age

–          Global warming

–          Super volcanic eruption

–           Aliens visit us

–          The Earth’s orbit may become more elliptical getting the Earth far away from the sun, so the temperature becomes too cold.

 This is a video which shows 10 ways in which the earth could die.


Be sure to comment ….


R We Doomed?

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The world is filled with mysteries that are only beginning to be completely understood. From the creation of the universe to how life on earth has evolved, all this still has not been completely solved.

From the Big Bang theory which is how supposedly the universe was created by an explosion of enormous size sending gases in all directions. As these gases started to compress in small masses, one of the masses became our earth. From that moment on our earth has changed from a fireball to a solid rock forming layers as we know it.

But there are questions arousing from the scientists about how the energy of the sun will last. If the sun dies like all stars do eventually, life on earth is over. There is also another question that can be asked, can earth end itself due to changes within our earth.

So, what I now want to know is how the life on earth can cease to exist with forces that exist inside our world and from space.