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Terminator Unleashed June 29, 2009

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I have had really great time writing about these different means in which we might have a difficult time in surviving here on earth. I have penned about volcanic eruptions and extraterrestrial rocks that could strike our earth and the possibility that the sun might die. These events were out of the hands of humans to stop it but the one that I am going to talk about now is totally due to human actions; I am talking about robots taking over our world. This is story that first emerged in the terminator but as shocking as it is this is definitely possible.

Being in the 21st century, scientists have been developing many types of robots for manufacturing products and to do other actions, but these actions were programmed into the robots and they are not able to do anything else then what they are programmed to carry out. But scientists are beginning to work on artificial intelligence where they would be able to manipulate objects and navigate by themselves.

The robots at this point are mostly programmed to do activities. But since the discovery of mirror neurons in the early 1990’s, scientists have been curious about using these neurons and duplicate it into chips and add them to the robots to try and develop brains for the robot so that it can learn just like a child learning new things. There have been labs around America trying to achieve this but it is proving to be harder than thought. The iCub robot is one of these kinds of robots that is like a child and will learn from its experiences. The EU-funded RobotCub project is sending its 6 labs to train these iCub robots.

There has been a starfish shaped robot built which is teaching itself how to walk. But this has proved to be disappointing as it is learning to walk in its own way different from the ordered directions. This as caused some stir among the scientists as the robots although can teach itself is not following specific instructions, this could be a problem in a long run.

If robots start to learn about how things work and realize that they are more stronger and smarter than humans it’s not before they start attacking us and ruling the world. Well this is the theory of what will happen if robots gain intelligence. This is quite similar to another situation that is taking place on earth right now. We humans being more intelligent than the other creatures on this are taking control to how the animals live. We are taking away their habitat and creating more space for us. So can’t this happen with the robots too.

Well at this point this may be just a myth but no one can surely know what will happen in the future. So , we have to just hope that even if they develop this technology it is not going to end up in the wrong hands



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