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The Aftermath of the Super Eruption June 21, 2009

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Hey, hope you liked my last report…


Here is the devastating aftermath of the super volcanic eruption.


The effects of a super-eruption on the areas in the immediate vicinity of the volcano are completely catastrophic. Explosive super-eruptions produce pyroclastic flows, which can cover thousands to tens of thousands of square kilometres in thick deposits of hot ash. No living beings caught by a pyroclastic flow survive.


Volcanic ash fallout from a super-eruption will probably have severe effects, one centimetre thickness of volcanic ash is easily enough to disrupt most forms of agriculture. The substantial part of the global economy would inevitably be devastated. There would also be severe disruption of aviation.


Large explosive volcanic eruptions eject huge amounts of volcanic dust and gas into the stratosphere. The gases are dominatedby water vapour, but also include sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and chlorine. Dust and gases injected by an eruption into the stratosphere reflect solar radiation back to space and absorb heat themselves, cooling the lower atmosphere and causing winter to occur.


So this will be the most dramatic effect of these eruptions causing endless darkens as the sunlight is blocked. Plants won’t survive and die and any human unprotected would freeze to death. There may even be an ice age which could kill thousands of plant and animal species. These effects are really horrific to think about. All we can do for now it keep an eye on the volcanoes and pray for the best.

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