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Falling Stars June 21, 2009

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Hey, here I am again……

So I hope you have read my article on the super volcano scenario. That is an event that can happen due to our earth but now the danger is from outer space. Space is one of the ventures that in unpredictable even though we have learnt quite a bit about it.

Meteorites, asteroids and comets are extraterrestrial objects that will strike earth if they come close to earth’s gravitational field. These rocks strike earth every time and are very common; it is mostly the small meteorites that fall in the oceans. But the possibility that bigger meteorites can strike is inevitable. Huge meteorites have struck earth before; there are many craters that can be found on earth like the Baringer crater in the USA. The extinction of the dinosaurs was because of a meteorite strike and during this huge impact the earth’s climate changed a lot and caused the extinction of many plant species.

If this occurs again which it will probably, the changes will be devastating. There has been close impacts with large comets before but was missed by earth due to slight changes in the comets direction. Like the super volcano the impact will cause huge pressure on life. First, these huge rocks cannot be diverted by a rocket very easily, you need a lot of nuclear power and then also there is little chance of diverting it.

At the moment the meteorite crashes onto the land, a huge fireball will be blown in all direction and the rock will push deeply into the soil. The heat from the meteorite will melt the rocks forming a pool of lave in the crater. Electromagnetic waves from the impact site will destroy all electronics with a computer chip in it. At impact rocks fly into the sky and some even into space, these rocks fallback on earth causing a shower of fireballs, and after some time there will be ashes clouding the sky blocking out sunlight completely and there will be showers of heavy ash and acid rain due to the injection of gases into the atmosphere. The temperature of the earth will rise dramatically well over the normal range causing forest fires to break out. Then after some days of soldering heat, the temperature at parts could plummet below zero degrees due to no sunlight; thus an ice age may form. If the meteorite lands in the ocean alongside these effects, tsunamis will occur and flood coastal regions. These changes will destroy all plant life and few humans will survive as evacuation at an huge size is just impossible. The plants can’t grow as there is no sunlight hence no photosynthesis but fungi will thrive as they don’t depend on photosynthesis.

But there is always hope even though these effects would destroy everything. Our earth has always recovered itself after global catastrophes and there is always a chance that people with shear will power would survive this event and animals and plants that can handle harsh conditions will thrive. So, never forget there are always good chance things will become normal again even if it seems like the end of the world.

Hope you like this….

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